1 year

Omgggg. I haven’t posted since December lmao, but yesterday was a year since I’ve had my site ( March 17th 2018) and we’ve grown so much. Anyways I’ve been so lazy and busy I just don’t have time to edit tbh. I’ll try to edit during spring break which is in two weeks.

Thanks for 80K views, i’ll try to pour out edits daily soon. I haven’t edited anything new so I’m just gonna post my old personal. My watermarks all over it tho lmfao so if you edit it and take my watermark still give credit sis.

Love you guys! ☺️

winterpersonal new-bod3 qttb-b

Credits to azngirlz for the bodies.



I’m like way too lazy to edit omg so here’s some old heads edits that I did big changes on for Duke. He doesn’t use any of them anymore so I’mma just post them and IK they’re on some sites, but they are my edits that I did.

P.S I’m gonna start taking requests soon. I’ll post the info about it in a couple of days. Only been doing private requests for friends. So check in a few days if you want an edit. ( I do charge )

Duke Duke1 dukeduke duke11.gif


Hello everyone. First of all before I say anything else. If you use a edit that I did and edit it a bit ATLEAST give me and the person who I gave credit for. Also if you take one of my personal heads that I use and take my water marks off I’m gonna call you out for it or if you post my personal heads on your site and don’t give me credit I’m gonna call you out as well lmao. I’ve seen so many different sites who take my old personals and don’t give credit to me or take the heads I edited and don’t give credit to me or the person I gave credit to. I may sound rude for saying that, but it’s really not hard to give credit.

Anyways here’s a head I did for my cousin, but she never got it and I hella failed at posting Halloween stuff LMAO owell.

winterw new-bod3

Credits to AznGirlz for the body I just recolored the hair to match the head.

Happy October

Wow, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted. Just an update, I’ll b posting every now and then and I’mma be on break soon so I’ll b editing Halloween type of heads.

Anyways for now here’s some Halloween type of bodies. IDK I got bored and did them, there kind of like pumpkin bodies. For me if I was to wear it, I’d just change the sleeves and shoes to a skin tone color and leave the inside orange and the lines a dark orange. The skull or ghost can’t change colors tho, but everything else can. Stay tuned! 🎃

halloween-body-bywinter halloween-bodyghostext-bywinter halloween-bodyghostextbrunette-bywinter halloween-bodyghostextbrown-bywinter halloween-bodyskull-bywinter halloween-bodyskullext-bywinter halloween-bodyskullextbrunette-bywinter halloween-bodyskullextbrown-bywinter



First things first, THANKS FOR 40K GUYS!

This will probably b my last post for awhile cause of school and I really need to focus so I’ll try to post on breaks or on the weekend if I’m not busy.

Anyways here’s a pig body I did and I think the nose can change colors or the face of the pig IDK I cant remember, but the rest of the body is CC as well and LMK (let me know) If y’all want any other hair colors for this body! Also anyone who’s started school, goodluck 🙂

piggybody-bywinter piggyextension-bywinter piggyextbruntte-bywinter


So I got school on monday which means I wont b posting a lot unless I’m on break o whateva, but I’mma try and finish up this couple edit I’m doing. If not I’ll just post some bodies.

Anyways here’s 2 head edits I did for boys. Just took a old edit head I did on my site and edited it again lol. Credits to original owners for the head temp.

winterwhitehead winterbrownhead

Hey cuties. So honestly IDK how long I’mma b able to run my site up for because schools coming up. I might hire people to help me w my site, but I’m not sure yet and I’ll also b opening requests soon!

BTW girls if y’all gonna edit one of the heads I did don’t take all the credit for it lol. That’s so annoying like fr. I seen this girl who had a head that was mine, but she took my watermark off and changed the eye color and took credit for it. I’m not gonna say who, but that’s retarded. Don’t take all the credit smh. Anyways here’s my old old personal.

Credits to AznGirlz for the body.

B & P eyes-1 qttb-b


I’ve been like so lazy to edit lol, but omg so I did a blink for this head right? AND IT WOULDN’T UPLOAD AND IDK WHY! It says it has to b exactly 32 by 560 and it is 😦 but it uploads fine as a PNG file, but not a GIF? Idk it has me confused so sorry that it isn’t a GIF.

Anyways I’m probably just gonna post randomly now and not all the time anymore so follow me to know when I post! AND THANKS FOR 30K!

winter bluehead-winter brownhead-winter





I’m back on my site and I’ve decided to edit again to take my mind off the stuff that’s been happening so yay. Also thank you for 26K views. ( P.S SPREAD THE WORD THAT MY SITES BACK UP! ) 😉

Anyways here is some simple edits I did.

winterwhite1 winterwhite recolored-winter

Credits to Tam for the body and another Tammy who was an old admin for the head.  I just did a few changes.