Happy October

Wow, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted. Just an update, I’ll b posting every now and then and I’mma be on break soon so I’ll b editing Halloween type of heads.

Anyways for now here’s some Halloween type of bodies. IDK I got bored and did them, there kind of like pumpkin bodies. For me if I was to wear it, I’d just change the sleeves and shoes to a skin tone color and leave the inside orange and the lines a dark orange. The skull or ghost can’t change colors tho, but everything else can. Stay tuned! 🎃

halloween-body-bywinter halloween-bodyghostext-bywinter halloween-bodyghostextbrunette-bywinter halloween-bodyghostextbrown-bywinter halloween-bodyskull-bywinter halloween-bodyskullext-bywinter halloween-bodyskullextbrunette-bywinter halloween-bodyskullextbrown-bywinter



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